Conveyor belts and Rotating Distributor Systems with Hopper


Our conveyor belts are manufactured using the following belt widths:


- 300mm - 500mm - 600mm - 700mm - 800mm - 1.000mm


The belts are manufactured in the following types according to cleat:

- Smooth:

Used for horizontal belts.


- 15mm cleat:

The most common ribbed belt.

This belt can be inclined to a maximum 28º angle.


- 25mm cleat:

Very unusual. Can be inclined to up to an angle of 32º.


- 35mm cleat.

The most frequently used high cleat belt.
This belt can be inclined up to a maximum angle of 35º.


- After this cleat height, belts with transversal cleats are used which can reach angles of up to 75º.


Belts are manufactured from two types of materials:

- Food belt

Installed only at the request of the client as it has a health certificate establishing that it is manufactured from components suitable for use in the food industry.


-Black rubber:

Most frequently used.


Customized System for traceability to hoppers installation.

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