Asigran, S.L. has machinery installed in almost every region of Spain.


We are currently in overseas expansion, but already have installations in Argentina, Chile, Israel and Australia.

We currently have more than 850 olive cleaning and washing lines of every type and model in operation. Some have been running without interruption for more than 25 years. Many of the older installations have been updated with the latest machinery and improvements used by our new systems, achieving 75% of the performance and work quality of one of our brand new systems.

ASIGRAN installations have a large number high quality, high performance options and accessories that aid access, cleaning and maintenance of all of our equipment.


We recognise the importance of the individual operation of each system as well as the necessary interaction between all of the various systems for maximum performance at the olive reception plant.

Please, use our installation FINDER if you would like to visit us and to see for yourself.

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